I love doing ongoing preschool classes because of the consistency. It allows the children to learn the songs over time, which not only brings them joy and musical experience, but also gives them a sense of pride, accomplishment, and togetherness. I'd be happy to come to your preschool for a free 30 minute demo session pending availability.


Please contact me for rates, availability, or to set up a free demo session.


What to expect in preschool music sessions:

During a typical music session with me, kids participate musically by using/playing one or more of the following: voices, bodies, rhythm sticks, shaker eggs, bells, percussion instruments, gathering and small hand drums, play/dance scarves, desk & resonator bells, puppets, a parachute, and whatever other cool objects I happen to get my hands on (depending on group size and setting, we sometimes explore vibrational tones with sacred singing bowls, tingshas, Tibetan bells, and Acutonics tuning forks. Kids LOVE this stuff and it is very calming). My main go-to set of strings is a tenor ukulele. My music often corresponds with the changing of the seasons, the natural world, time of year, festivities/celebrations, and weather, making the music relevant to what's going on in our surrounding environment. I love to write songs, modify the songs of others, and write music and add lyrics to little snippets I find online.


I play various types of ukuleles, including an 8-string and baritone, and an assorted array of percussive instruments. My songs (some originals, some modified covers) are interactive, meaningful, humorous, and fun. I play in a kindie super-duo/group with my good friend Mr. Ben called KiLoFri (short for Kind Loving Friend), and we're often joined by the amazing Beat-mastah Tony on drums and occasionally the inimitable Tallulah's Daddy on bass.

KiLoFriDays (on hold until further notice)

Click here for details about our weekly Friday shows.

        Sweet music we be makin',

       little booties they be shakin'

Please contact me if you're interested in booking KiLoFri for a live show. 

Please visit me on Facebook &/or Instagram for upcoming public appearances.


I play kids' birthday parties at Mississippi Pizza only. Sets are generally 45-50 minutes and are interactive with musical paraphernalia like shaker eggs, dance scarves, frame drums, etc. MP, in my humble opinion, is the BEST birthday party locale in all of Portland. Food, bevvies and the space (for which there is NO RENTAL FEE!) are all taken care of (plus your child and their friends get to dance onstage, and I can be plugged in to the house sound system). It makes for a low-stress, everyone-is-happy event. Click on the Mississippi Pizza link above for specs and booking details.

My regular rate for birthday parties is $200 (please mention in initial inquiry if your child is a preschool student of mine or a KiLoFri super-fan). 

Please contact me for availability. 



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