Community music

RHYTHM AND FUN-DEMENTALS music class for kids & their grownups

WHERE: HAMMER & JACKS on SE Foster in Portland

WHEN: Thursdays 10:15-11-ish

DETAILS: Current sessions are being conducted in a 4-wk series. Classes are geared toward toddler and preschool age children. You can find out more information and reserve a space HERE

CLASS SPECS: During this special 4-week class series, participants work on musical concepts such as dynamics, like volume, duration, like tempo, beat, and rhythm, and form, like echoing. But don’t let all that formal talk fool you! Part of the beauty of this class is that kids will begin to learn and practice these fundamentals of music all while having a blast singing silly and interesting songs, often accompanied by musical paraphernalia like shaker eggs, dancing scarves, and drums. Students will also learn how to use their bodies as instruments to create beats and rhythms.

The Zazz was on TV!

Zazzy Zoe was featured on KGW on March 23, 2018! See the video HERE

Zazzy Zoe live show